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Conservation and Local Community

Properties at Sugar Beach are being rebuilt using existing cottage foundations to ensure there is little disruption to the surrounding wildlife and vegetation. The UNESCO policies state that trees in excess of 6″ in diameter cannot be cut down.

350 local workmen have been contracted for the building of the development using traditional building techniques, such as hand chipping stone used from around the resort for foundations and cladding. All the timber frame construction uses only woods from certified reforestation programmes.

Designated nature reserves are maintained around the property. The oceanic area in front of the resort is a designated marine reserve so anchoring is not allowed to protect the coral.

99% of the workforce employed at the resort consists of local people from Soufriere and neighbouring villages. The primary contribution to the local economy comes through salaries and wages paid to the local workforce.

The hotel also regularly donates to the community, including scholarship programmes and training initiatives which help to further develop the talent of young people in Soufriere and the surrounding areas.

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