Close up shot of the flora and fauna at The Sugar Beach Resort

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Safety and Sustainability

Topographic protection is afforded by the geography of the Pitons which creates a protective natural cove around the development and out to the Caribbean Sea. The entire resort has been graded and planned to reduce water and wind damage caused by hurricane force winds. Organic gardening techniques are used throughout Sugar Beach and most of the plant materials are native to St Lucia.

Low-level lighting features around the resort and all landscape lighting is on timers. Water for the resort is supplied by the local water company (WASCO) and stored on property in tanks at high level for natural pressure, so that pumps and pressure piping are not used. Any waste water is captured, treated and the effluent used for irrigation.

Specialist heaters in the Residences capture any waste heat from the air conditioning units and re-use it to heat the hot water for the Residences. Mechanical systems around the development include ducted air conditioning in the Residences, with hidden slot diffusers discreetly hidden behind cornice details. Infra-red control systems are present in every Residence to ensure that if the air conditioning system is left on, it will turn itself down to save energy.

All waste from Sugar Beach is collected and separated on the resort while any food waste from the restaurants is given to a local farmer for animal feed.

Sugar Beach is the first development on the island to use environmentally-friendly hybrid and solar powered golf carts. Designed and built in China, they are among the first such vehicles in the Caribbean.

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